Case Studies

Why K3 Retail moved to Bitdefender GravityZone, supplied by Blue Solutions

Client profile

K3 Retail ( specialises in supplying intelligent partner technologies to the retail, fashion and visitor attraction industries, amongst many others. Its customers include small and medium-size retailers up and down the UK as well as many high-profile retail brands, including Armani Exchange, Charles Tyrwhitt, and The White Company.

The challenge

Delivering security-as-a-service to modern retailers with POS, websites and web shops throws up a number of challenges.

Anti-virus solutions must meet strict criteria to enable the retailer to be compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations. Security must be seamless between the POS endpoints themselves and the online retail operations.

Till hardware needs small, light security solutions that are not resource-intensive and will not slow down sales operations. And when busy periods hit, new tills need to be brought on line and protected for the duration of the usage period, without incurring excessive additional cost.

Add to this the need for retailers to often retain some degree of control over their security estate – event though they are renting a security service, rather than purchasing their own security product – and the requirements list can seem like a big ask.

K3 Retail’s experience was that their existing solution was not delivering on these demands – so an alternative was sought from Blue Solutions.

The solution

K3 Retail chose to migrate its retail users to Bitdefender’s GravityZone Cloud Security for MSPs, supplied by Blue Solutions.

There were many factors driving this decision, not least the GravityZone brand’s general ease of use for both service provider and end-user alike.

David Jackson, Deputy Head of Support at K3 Retail, comments that the chosen solution “supports pretty much any platform, is a lot more configurable than its predecessor in terms of ports, firewalls, and network filters, and any changes that you make take effect more or less instantly.”

“It also works well with LabTech,” he continues, “which enables easy remote agent installs, helping to keep our workflows efficient.”

Another refinement which helps reduce K3 Retail’s workload is the fact that the retailer’s IT team can easily access the solution to make their own changes to their security estate – essential, David Jackson believes, to enable them to keep up with a technology-savvy millennial workforce hungry for apps and social media!

But perhaps the solution’s strongest retail feature is its ability to instantly protect the additional tills that retailers deploy at particularly busy times (Christmas, for example), without forcing up their costs unmanageably.

Cloud solutions essentially operate on a pay-per-use basis, so by using GravityZone the retailer ensures it must pay only for the additional security that it uses, and for the time it uses it – whilst the service provider still sees an uplift in its own revenues.

The results

David Jackson says “Using this GravityZone solution, we have delivered real, positive change to our customers’ security capability, but at lower cost and with greater flexibility than was possible with the previous solution.

“In addition, we’ve further deepened our nine-year relationship with Blue Solutions, who supplies the Bitdefender solutions to us. This continues to deliver positive results; you call them with an issue, you speak to someone who has real product knowledge, and the issue gets sorted.”

Blue Solutions Sales Engineer Jon Bucko explains that this is down to a culture of technical expertise that is distinctive in the distributor community.

“Unlike most other distribution businesses,” he says, “Blue Solutions has significant technical expertise in-house, so we can advise customers on the best choice of solution, support their deployment and operations, but also add value in the form of services, consultancy and training. This makes for trustworthy, long-term relationships.”

K3 Retail’s use of GravityZone Cloud Security for MSPs, supplied by Blue Solutions, delivers:

  • Reduced risk and cost to retailers through economical cloud security that end-users can easily adjust / upscale to accommodate changing user habits and seasonal POS business growth
  • Dependable revenue streams to the service provider, plus incremental income uplift when customer usage scales up
  • Decreased workload, increased margins, thanks to easy configurability, integration with LabTech and other remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions, and the ability to let customers make some of their own changes
  • Guaranteed support and services expertise, from a vendor-accredited distribution specialist with its own team of product-trained engineers.