E-Communications 19/04/16 - Important Bitdefender changes spell opportunity
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If you're a Bitdefender partner, or would like to become one, there are some important new changes and opportunities in the Bitdefender Partner Advantage Network (PAN) that you need to know about.

These changes are designed to position partners strongly in a changing landscape, make it easier for them to work with Bitdefender, and help them drive new business.

But you might need to take action on some of these points, so please read on!

Bronze partners now get deal reg!
Bronze partners can now participate in the New Opportunities Registration Program (Bitdefender’s new name for deal registration)! The minimum opportunity size is £1500.
A helping hand for the most committed partners
Bitdefender has rebalanced its margin discounts to enable its most committed Silver and Gold partners to perform more competitively on larger deals. Accordingly, from July 1st 2016, discount for Bronze level partners will change to 15% - still enabling smaller partners to sell profitably.
Certification: stronger and simpler
Bitdefender is increasing its focus on partners’ sales and technical skills, with stronger enforcement of certification for both Silver and Gold partners, who must complete their sales and technical certifications by June 30, 2016. Technical Support Margin will be applied based on the Bitdefender Technical Team review, and a missed deadline will mean immediate status adjustment!

At the same time, Silver and Gold partners who also sell Consumer products as part of their portfolio will no longer need Consumer platform sales certifications to gain business solution certification.
Level playing field for all new partners
All new partners coming into the program in 2016 now start as Bronze partners. Every partner now earns their level adjustments in the same, fair way - by attaining the required sales and technical certifications and annual revenue targets, based on quarterly splits for two consecutive quarters.
Sensible milestone for new revenue targets
For 2016, Silver partners will be required to attain £30,000 in annual revenue and Gold partners will be required to attain £100,000 in annual revenue - reaching 40% of the revenue goal by June 30, 2016

I hope this has been helpful in explaining the latest Bitdefender updates and opportunities, and I look forward to working with both you and them going forward.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on sales@bluesolutions.co.uk

Kind regards,

Mark Charleton
CEO, Blue Solutions Ltd.
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