E-Communications 20/03/19 - Bitdefender: Data going astray? Make it pay, today!
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Full Disk Encryption

Email Series: Easily add new, billable GravityZone options and solutions to your offering.

Data going where it shouldn’t can wreck your customers’ business and reputation and put them on the wrong end of a costly GDPR lawsuit!
In this email we discuss how Bitdefender GravityZone Full Disk Encryption not only helps you generate additional revenue but also helps keep your customers’ data secure and compliant:
tick Encryption of all data on your customers’ devices, rendering the data useless if the device is lost, hacked or stolen
tick Prevent unauthorized access to data – stop theft before it starts!
tick Performance-focused protection – No new agent to deploy, no performance impact
tick Easy, cost-effective management – Deploy and run everything from one centralised cloud console, (the same one used for endpoint protection) - no key management server to install
tick Device-friendly compatibility – Works seamlessly with Windows (BitLocker) and Mac (FileVault), ensuring frictionless protection and performance on all existing devices
tick Encryption-specific reports that help your customers demonstrate compliance (e.g. GDPR)
To learn more about how Full Disk Encryption combines customer-critical data privacy with easily realised additional revenue opportunities, take a look at our datasheet.
Bitdefender Full Disk Encryption Screenshot

New revenue, compliant customers. What does it all cost?

To see how little it costs to add Full Disk Encryption as a billable new service through the GravityZone console, just request a price list.

More GravityZone revenue-boosters!

Full Disk Encryption is built on Bitdefender’s GravityZone platform, which makes it easy to add new billable options and security services to your GravityZone customers and prospects!

Our other emails in the series, include:
tick Patch Management - Slash management overheads, vulnerability and risk
tick Security for Virtualized Environments (SVE) - ONE centralised scan covering ALL virtual machines.
tick Security for Exchange - Superior email and collaboration protection
tick Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) - Prevent, detect and respond, from a single console
tick Advanced Threat Security (ATS) - Protect customers against highly sophisticated cyber attacks

Stop data going astray – and make it pay, today! Get in touch with us on 0118 9898 222 to find out more about Full Disk Encryption.

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