E-Communications 24/11/16 - Bitdefender: Get 20% Discount by Registering a New Opportunity
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Bitdefender - Get 20% NOR discount, on TOP of your other discounts
Hi %%first_name%%,

Get 20% NOR discount, on TOP of your other discounts

Bitdefender will double your New Opportunity Registration (NOR) Margin for all new opportunities with values over £5,000!

This offer is valid for all Bitdefender Business products, for NORs placed by the 24th of December 2016* with the End User Price over £5,000**.

Why source Bitdefender’s GravityZone MSP or reseller solutions through Blue?

Because whether your customers are SMBs or enterprise clients, Blue Solutions and Bitdefender come together to deliver a combination of benefits to your business that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Bitdefender works better for you through Blue… find out more

For further information please contact your Bitdefender account manager at Blue Solutions bitdefender@bluesolutions.co.uk or phone: 01189898222

How to order?

You can order the products directly on the Partner Advantage Network (PAN) https://pan.bitdefender.com/ or from Blue Solutions, the discount will be automatically applied.

* The order associated with the NORs can be placed after 31st of December with the condition that there are no changes made to the initial NOR or to SPRs associated with the NOR and no additional discount requests.

** End User Price should be minimum 5,000 GBP after all other discounts are applied.

Kind regards,

  Mark Charleton
Director, Blue Solutions Ltd.
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