E-Communications 06/02/17 - [BLOG] 2017 hot solutions tips, 1: Business continuity

Did you know that 58% of small businesses could not withstand any amount of data loss whatsoever? So with new instances of ransomware effortlessly holding businesses’ data hostage every day, there is a real business opportunity for backup and recovery solutions.

Our first blog in a new series, Security solutions to look out for in 2017 - 1. Business continuity, outlines the size of the market and the features you need to look out for to tap into it!

Blogs in this series will also cover 2017’s other hot security solutions topics, including:
  • Email security
  • Web security
  • Cloud security
  • Data centre security
  • Office 365 security
Get started with this first blog, but don’t miss the others, either – each one is potentially a business opportunity for you!

There is no shortage of security problems looking for solutions in 2017. Let us guide you through them (and please do get in touch with us if there are any other topics you’d like us to cover).

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