E-Communications 20/08/18 - [BLOG] Don’t miss what’s hot in security this summer!

If you want to know what the security industry thinks are the hottest security solutions to sell in 2018, the best thing to do is to ask those in the know – and so that’s exactly what we did, polling a sample of resellers, MSPs, consultants and others for their views and insight.

Read the results in our new blog, Summer poll: we took the temperature of the latest security trends, and make sure you’re not missing a smouldering game-changer!

Our own research reinforced many of their opinions, with layered security, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and machine learning - amongst others – all figuring strongly in media and industry commentary, which we cite in the blog.

In short, we’ve identified some real security hotspots – and if you can sell the solutions to address them, that could turn out to be pretty cool for your business!

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