E-Communications 28/06/17 - [BLOG] Petya ransomware vaccine – truth or fantasy?

Call it Petya, call it NotPetya, call it GoldenEye – it's hit and it's hit hard. There's been much media talk of a 'vaccine' – but just how credible is this, given that it simply protects the host machine but still allows the infection to spread?

In our new blog, Petya ransomware: is there really a 'vaccine'?, we take a look at preventive (and remedial) anti-ransomware tools that some security vendors are offering, and argue that there are better options 'out there' than what the media is currently suggesting.

Learn how to protect your customers from ransomware using:
  • One-click solutions that don't require any additional security investment
  • System-wide deployments that protect every machine and so stop ransomware from spreading
  • FREE decryption tools to enable your customers to get back what the hackers have taken hostage!

A ransomware vaccine sounds like powerful medicine – but make sure you're not selling your customers snake oil.

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Mark Charleton,
Director, Blue Solutions Ltd.

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