E-Communications 30/10/17 - [BLOG] Snare the BadRabbit! Here’s how.

The BadRabbit ransomware attack has left a trail of destruction across Eastern Europe and it won’t be long before it’s burrowing into UK turf.

So the question is: can you protect your customers against it? And, if so, how? We take a look at what the security experts and vendors are saying in our latest blog, BadRabbit: how not to get bitten.

According to industry sources, only 42% of ransomware victims manage to recover their data, and those users who actually pay up face even bleaker odds of recovery – just 1 in 4.

So make no mistake, BadRabbit is no fluffy bunny – it’s an industrial-scale thief that your customers badly need to secure themselves against. Check out the blog to give them the advice they urgently need.

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