E-Communications 16/10/17 - [BLOG] Stop your security solutions failing

Failing to correctly configure your security solutions is one of the biggest risks to you and your customers. Security health checks can prevent it – but how do you get one, and what does it cover?

In our latest blog, Why even your best security solutions can fail – and what to do about it we take you through what a security product health check protects you against, how you can get one done with less effort than taking your car for an MOT, and what the options are if you need expert help thereafter.

The Infosec Institute has placed security misconfiguration right in the middle of the top ten cyber-risks in 2017. It’s an embarrassment your business can do without, and one that could easily lose you customers and damage your credibility.

You wouldn’t drive a car that wasn’t fit for purpose, so don’t let your security products get that way either! Take action.

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