E-Communications 19/06/17 - Be GDPR-ready with encryption & cloud app security
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Be GDPR-ready with encryption & cloud app security
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We’re seeing a real spike in encryption and cloud app security interest – much of it driven, we believe, by the requirements of GDPR.

You can tap into this demand and turn it into business – and here are four things you can do to get started:

Check out new remote endpoint encryption in Trend Micro’s latest Worry-Free Services
Worry-Free Services enables you to remotely trigger Microsoft BitLocker Drive Encryption and perform full disk encryption on your customers’ endpoints (Windows 10 and later).

At one stroke, you can protect your customers’ endpoints from the GDPR risk associated with lost or stolen devices – and decrypt the data if the affected endpoints are safely retrieved.

Take a look at Endpoint
Encryption – for SME, enterprise,
on-prem and cloud
Trend Micro’s Endpoint Encryption is available as a standalone solution or as part of the Smart Protection Suites, integrated with Office Scan and centrally managed through Control Manager.

It delivers a host of powerful benefits for SMEs and enterprise users, including both on-premise and public cloud capability, intelligent encryption based on user privileges, and security refinements including offline challenges, delayed authorisation and remote device wipe.

Explore Trend Micro’s Cloud App Security
With an estimated 60% of malware in targeted attacks being hidden inside file formats like Word, often executed via known security weaknesses in cloud applications like Office 365, your customers badly need additional cloud app security to demonstrate that they are taking GDPR seriously.

Trend Micro’s Cloud App Security solution, praised by industry analysts IDC as a "combination of advanced security solutions for Office 365”, fulfils exactly this need.

Not a Trend Micro partner yet?
Then wait no longer – encryption and cloud app security are upon us and your customers want solutions!

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