E-Communications 03/10/18 - Hot Bitdefender growth opportunities for MSPs
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Hot Bitdefender growth opportunities for MSPs Bitdefender

Thank you for being part of the Bitdefender family!

You already know that you are using the #1 ranked EPP solution out there! The exceptional results we are getting against the most complex security threats out there are due to our layered approach on security.

We are offering special prices for Q4 to help you leverage the power of this modular approach, create more business opportunities and increase revenue. Contact us to learn more

We encourage you to boost your revenues by leveraging new optional billable services managed from the same Bitdefender MSP console you use today:
Chevron Bitdefender Patch Management – A market leading solution with the quickest scanning performance and patch deployment.
Chevron Full Disk Encryption – A simple and efficient solution which uses top encryption mechanisms provided by Windows (BitLocker) and Mac (FileVault).
Chevron Security for Virtualized Environments – Best performance virtualization security with centralized scanning and improved user experience and protection.
Chevron Advanced Threat Security – Tunable machine learning algorithms that stop advanced fileless, ransomware, or targeted attacks, plus a powerful cloud sandbox that analyzes threats and provides threat context and visibility.
Chevron Endpoint Detection and Response – Endpoint capabilities to detect advanced threats that have eluded other protection layers, gain insights into suspicious activities, investigate possible threats and take action.
Bitdefender Cloud Security for MSPs

Benefits for you and your customers
tick Add new advanced managed security offerings, meet customer needs, and grow revenues
tick Use an advanced MSP endpoint security suite to efficiently manage all protection layers
tick Differentiate offering, and build new capabilities such as managed detection and response
tick Reduce the time to patch vulnerable applications and minimize risk of exploit attacks
tick Block fileless or targeted attacks with the best efficacy and without impacting users
tick Reduced time to detection of ongoing attacks and demonstrate compliance
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