E-Communications 16/05/17 - [BLOG] Meet the WannaCrypt0r-killers

You know that WannaCrypt0r / WannaCry ransomware that just swept across 100 countries? If the victims had been running the right software, they could have stopped it in its tracks.

That’s the story according to three security software vendors, anyway! So, in our latest blog, Meet the WannaCrypt0r-killers, we take a closer look into the claims that each of them has publicly made – and the evidence behind them.

To my mind, there are some robust points coming out in these communications, both for end-users and the security partners who look after them.

Multi-layered security, behavioural analysis, memory violation alerts; they all point to security solutions that are becoming more sensitive to detecting ransomware before it starts to execute.

And with ‘ransomware vaccines’ and decryptor tools also available, is the only problem that too few businesses and people are using them? And will it take a second WannaCrypt0r attack to make those people and businesses - your customers! - decide to?

It’s all up for debate (but hopefully not for ransom). Read the blog to learn more.

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