E-Communications 23/01/18 - [BLOG] Why you’re not a patch on these guys

Patching – if you’re doing it manually, you’re missing a trick. In fact, if you’re doing it automatically but through an RMM solution or similar, you could still be missing a trick!

Why? Because you can now deliver automatic patching as part of the security solutions you provide to your customers – read all about it in our latest blog, Patch Tuesday, patch any day, patch every day – but, please, patch automatically!

Heimdal Security and Bitdefender are the innovative vendors in question – and here’s just a snapshot of what their automatic patching solutions deliver:

tick Automatic patching of apps including Microsoft, Acrobat, Java, Flash and many more, with zero setup - and scheduling also possible.
tick Constant, instant protection – Heimdal checks for patches and updates every two hours and applies them from the moment they’re available
tick Non-disruptive operation – The update process happens ‘silently’ in the background whilst users carry on their work. Bitdefender also makes clever use of cacheing to maximise bandwidth and optimise performance.
tick Trustworthy patches – Updates are guaranteed authentic by automatic checking of the hash patterns against the vendors’ sites
tick Flexible legacy deployments – Updates can be set up to apply to specific software versions, enabling full coverage or legacy-specific deployments

Best of all, we’ve got one MSP version already available, and one on the way - so get in touch if you’re interested in monthly billing, no upfront costs, and an average margin that rises with every additional seat!

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Mark Charleton,
Director, Blue Solutions Ltd.

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