E-Communications 18/09/18 - Service providers: never miss a patch again!
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Service providers: never miss a patch again! Bitdefender

Managing your customers’ patching consumes time, effort and resource – and failure can come at a high cost.

If you don’t deploy patches punctually, your and your customers’ services could be left open to software application vulnerabilities (one of the key cyber-attack vectors), potentially putting both you and them in breach of GDPR obligations to manage cyber-risk.

We wrote to you a short while ago about Bitdefender’s NEW GravityZone Patch Management solution for service providers – use it and you need never miss a patch again! Here’s how it works:
Automatic Patching
tick Scheduled scanning for missing patches
tick Different scheduling for security and non-security patches
tick Automatic patching only on a set of vendors/products
tick Postpone reboot for patches that require restart
Manual Patching
tick Discovery and install patch tasks
tick Success/Fail patching reports
Patch Inventory
tick Detailed information centering patches - CVE, BultinID...
tick Quick deployment of missing patches
tick Patch blacklisting - temporary prevent installation of patches that might break workflow
tick Postpone reboot for patches that requires restart
tick Endpoint status from the perspective of installed/missing/failed patches
tick Notify the user when security/non-security patches are missing
Patch Caching
tick The patches are distributed from the relay, reducing network traffic

It comes with excellent service provider pricing and billing benefits, too – you pay only for what you use, make bigger margins the more customers you bring on board, and earn predictable, reliable monthly revenues! Request Pricing now

Good to Know
tick Patch Management is an add-on to Bitdefender’s Cloud Security for MSPs, so your customers will benefit from up-to-the-minute endpoint protection - and the updates that keep it that way!
tick Patch Management works across all security layers in Bitdefender’s GravityZone next-gen security architecture, and is effective in protecting your customers against unknown threats like zero-day attacks.
tick Easy to deploy and to use! Enable the Patch Management module for your customers, point it to their services, and easily manage them through the same single console as all Bitdefender GravityZone service provider solutions.
Want more info?
Watch the video (1 minute 50 seconds)
Bitdefender GravityZone Patch Management Video
More than just patching
Patch Manager also enables you to rapidly assess your customers’ current software vulnerabilities across all endpoints, and quickly prepare reporting to support GDPR and other audits.

Find out how little it costs to keep your customers reliably patched and protected today!

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