E-Communications 20/02/19 - Trend Micro email security: your new differentiator!
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Trend Micro email security: your new differentiator! Cloud Email Gateway Services

How many of your competitors offer a hosted email security solution that can detect when a hacker is impersonating the CEO? Or automatically stop an employee leaking sensitive data outside the organisation? Or block malicious code and phishing attempts hiding in PDFs?
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These email security solutions analyse writing styles and discover impersonations!

These are just some of the features that could make your email security offering stand out from the crowd - and they’re all available in Trend Micro’s latest email security solution, Cloud Email Gateway Services. Available on annual subscription or monthly billing for service providers.

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Cloud Email Gateway Services differentiates your offering

Hosted Email Security (HES) and the brand new Email Security Advanced deliver a combination of customer benefits other email security solutions don’t, including:
tick Business Email Compromise (BEC) protection – Machine learning and artificial intelligence analyse email writing styles to identify fraudulent impersonation attempts
tick Protection against malicious code, unknown malware and phishing – Dynamic sandboxing extracts attachments, code (inc. malicious PDF code) and URLs for safe analysis
Additionally Email Security Advanced offers:
tick NEW! Email continuity – Enables users to carry on sending and receiving emails even if their hosted email provider suffers an outage
tick NEW! Customisable  and scheduled reporting to suit every customer’s needs
tick NEW! External log sharing directly to security information and event management (SIEM)
tick NEW! Connected Threat Defense – Sharing/implementing of file and URL suspicious objects

These services secure Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, and many other hosted and on-premise email systems, with inbuilt data loss protection (DLP) and encryption to support customers’ GDPR compliance, and constant threat updates from Trend’s global Smart Protection Network.

(PS - you can easily upgrade existing HES users to Email Security Advanced, too!)

Easy and cost-effective to manage

Cloud Email Gateway Services’ easy, centralised management, from a single web console (Remote Manager), enables you to spend less time and effort servicing each customer – and so bring more customers on board!

Want to know more about why Cloud Email Gateway Services puts you ahead of your email security competitors? Get in touch with us today on 0118 9898 222

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