E-Communications 23/11/16 - Video: Sell your customers endpoint protection with more than just machine learning
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Many vendors just associate next-gen with machine learning and act like it’s the only technique necessary to solve your customer’s endpoint security problems. The reality is there are many different threats out there that can slip past machine learning. Security that is truly effective against threats like ransomware, browser exploits, and zero-day threats requires a blend of multiple techniques—a one-dimensional vendor just won’t do the trick.

Trend Micro™ XGen™ endpoint security is a new class of endpoint security that will impress your customers. It uses the right technique at the right time to eliminate security gaps. It’s cross-generational, meaning it’s always evolving to respond to new threats.

Watch this video to see how XGen endpoint security lets your customers prevent, detect, and respond to the changing threat landscape.

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