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NEW: Trend Micro Rewards Programme

One programme - four different ways to earn

We want to enable you to identify and develop business opportunities within the small to medium sized business segment and maximise your potential. In order to attain this position one must have the necessary experience, training and guidance

  • FOUNDATION: Obtain experience working with Trend Micro in the SMB segment and be introduced to an Account Manager. Those Resellers that achieve a minimum level of trading in our Foundation programme will be invited to participate in our Training and Deal Reg initiatives the following quarter.
  • MSP: If you are a current user of Trend Micro's MSP Programme then all you have to do is grow your install base to earn a reward!
  • TRAINING: We want to provide you with the training required to uncover more business opportunities. To help us achieve our ambition we will reward you for completing your first Sales Essentials Online Training course.
  • DEAL REG: Once you have completed training we hope that you will be ready to identify an opportunity and subsequently register a deal. The deal reg creator will be rewarded for every accepted deal that is registered and the reward can be earned an unlimited amount of times!
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Smart Protection Complete Migration
Valid Until: No end date  |  Code: N/A

Promotion for Smart Protection for Endpoints to migrate to Smart Protection complete

  • Existing Smart Protection for Endpoint customers
  • Customer only pays for what is left on…

Switch to Trend: "Worry Free or Buy back"
Valid Until: 31/12/18  |  Code: N/A

  • New purchase only
  • Remaining competitive license period free of charge
  • Eligible Products: WF_Std, WF_Adv., WF_Services STD, WF_Services ADV, Hosted Email Security, InterScanVirusWall…

30% off Trend Micro Worry Free Cross-Grade Promotion
Valid Until: 31/12/18  |  Code: N/A

30% off Cross-upgrade when migrating from Worry Free Standard to Worry Free Advanced

Worry-Free Business Security 3 for 2 Year SMB Promotion
Valid Until: No end date  |  Code: N/A

Buy a new 2-year service subscription or a software license with 2 years maintenance and get a third year FREE!

Worry-Free Renewal Promotion - Up to 10% off your Worry-Free Business Security renewals
Valid Until: 31/12/2018  |  Code: N/A

You can get 5% discount for customers who renew Worry-Free™ Business Security for 2 years and 10% for those who renew for 3 years.

Cloud App Security Partner day
Valid Until: 31/12/2018  |  Code: N/A

  • New Cloud App Security Customers (Europe only)
  • New business only. 5-100 seats.
  • 50% discount on new price
  • Standard Discounts cannot be applied

Cloud App Security - MB Promotion Europe
Valid Until: 31/12/2018  |  Code: N/A

  • New Cloud App Security Customers (Europe only)
  • New business only. 101-500 seats.
  • 25% discount on new price
  • Standard Discounts cannot be…