Technical Sales Enablement and Professional Services

More than just support!

Our in-house technical specialists help you drive your relationship with your customers from each stage to the next - from pre-sales engagement, to deployment and configuration (remote or on-site), training and marketing, go-live support, professional services, and more.

And we complement our vendors’ support offerings with an additional single point of contact - a qualified engineer who fully understands your technical requirements and delivers to agreed SLAs.

Learn more below about the services that make support only a fraction of our story!

Technical Specialists

Remote demos - for you and your end-users

Product knowledge made easy

For both your teams and your end-users, product knowledge is important, but it needs to be delivered conveniently and flexibly, in a way that enables them to press on with doing business.

Our comprehensive remote demos cover products from all our vendor partners (including Bitdefender, Malwarebytes, Trend Micro and more), keeping your teams and their customers upskilled and up to speed, without dragging them away from their desks.

For more in-depth product insight, our technical experts can coach your teams and your end-users face-to-face, too.

Remote demos

Webinars - for you and your end-users

Explaining security challenges and promoting solutions

Security is a fast-moving business, and both your end-users and your teams need effective communication to understand the latest threats, challenges and solutions.

We deliver webinar programs to make sure your customers know what’s hot and your teams know how to sell it to them.

We’ll even supply technical and product experts to support your own marketing webinars, and run joint webinars with you.


Installation and configuration

Get every customer up and running - smoothly

We don’t pretend that every installation is the same - because we don’t have to!

We have a team of vendor-accredited, in-house technical experts who can install and configure solutions according to each partner’s and end-user’s specific needs.

On-site, remote, live roll-out, proof of concept (POC), customer walkthroughs - and much more besides.

Technical Experts

Security Healthchecks

Preventive insight for resellers and MSP partners alike

Whether you’re a reseller or an MSP partner, your customers expect you to be well ahead of the threats that target their business.

For resellers, we can deliver a comprehensive security healthcheck of your customers’ networks, applications, endpoints and cloud use, and recommend solutions to stop issues becoming breaches!

For MSP partners, we can deliver healthchecks and best practice training through our Professional Services team, helping you to ensure your solutions are always delivering ‘latest and greatest’ protection.


Professional Services

Expertise at every step of your customers’ journey

We engage early, to help you turn your prospects into customers. But we also engage repeatedly, to help you turn your customers into advocates.

From technical lead qualification, to requirement-scoping, solutions specifications and schematics, and co-authoring your proposals, we’re there for you.

And we’re still there for you when it comes to product and user training, demos, webinars, healthchecks, installation, configuration, deployment and more - in half-hour segments that you can use as, when and how you wish.

Professional Services