Technical Sales Enablement

We help your business opportunities get started
Technical consultancy, guidance, and next steps

Technical guidanceWe work with an extensive list of vendors, from industry-leading names like Microsoft and Trend Micro, to agile, newer players like Bitdefender, Malwarebytes and AppRiver.

So when we advise you on which vendors’ MSP or reseller solutions to go with, you can trust the breadth of our knowledge.

But to our way of thinking, a solution can only be successful if it meets your need for a business and your end-users’ need for a service, so we work with both of you to:

  • Scope requirements
  • Produce a full solution specification
  • Design and prepare solutions schematics
  • Co-author your proposals
  • Technically qualify your opportunities and prospects

When technical expertise like this is plugged into your business processes early on, it helps you to make decisions that drive profitable outcomes.

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