GravityZone Security for Exchange

Superior enterprise messaging and collaboration protection

Licensing models: Service Provider (MSPs) and Reseller

With GravityZone Security for Exchange, Bitdefender enables your enterprise customers’ business-critical collaboration and messaging servers to enjoy the industry’s most comprehensive protection - against malware, spam and unsolicited content and attachments, and with minimal resource consumption.

Security for Exchange

Benefits to your business and your customers

  • Seamless integration with all your customers' variants of Microsoft Exchange (2013/2010/2007)
  • Protects both physical and virtual servers, with any protocol used in Exchange
  • Secures business-critical communications and conversations that no business can thrive without
  • Easy and economical to manage, through one central console, even for large numbers of enterprise customers
  • Award-winning solution – Winner of the Virus Bulletin Golden Spam+ award two years running, thanks to its real-time antimalware, antivirus, anti-phishing and antispam protection, constantly updated by Bitdefender's Global Protective Network

Why choose GravityZone Security for Exchange for enterprise customers?

GravityZone Security for Exchange is part of Bitdefender’s GravityZone Enterprise Security portfolio of solutions.

Unlike many traditional solutions that patch together pre-virtualisation and pre-cloud Windows applications, GravityZone Enterprise Security solutions are built from the ground up to meet enterprises’ demanding virtualisation and cloud security needs - across physical endpoints, mobile devices, virtual machines in private and public cloud, and Exchange mail servers.

In a single delivery platform that you control through one centralised console, the GravityZone Enterprise Security solutions enable your business to scale from tens to millions of endpoints. They help you deliver cost-efficient management, plus easy deployment and enforcement of security policies to any type and number of endpoints, in any location.

Delivering up to 20% data centre performance improvement over traditional security vendors, GravityZone Enterprise Security solutions are OS- and hypervisor-agnostic, enabling you to cast your enterprise net widely - including customers who are seeking to reach HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance.