Why Bitdefender for MSPs

Designed from the Ground-Up for Managed Service Providers

Bitdefender’s MSP GravityZone portal was designed from the ground-up specifically focused on the needs of the MSP and not as an afterthought.  This has enabled Bitdefender’s solutions to be the #1 ranked antivirus/antimalware solution for cloud and virtualisation.

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Increase revenues with easy to deploy, manage, and sell security solutions:

  • No upfront payment
  • Monthly pay-as-you-go usage based licensing
  • Tiered pricing – save as you grow
  • Automated usage reporting & aggregated billing
  • Free internal testing and 30 day free trials available for all products

  • Integration with leading RMM and PSA tools providing "single-pane-of-glass" deployment, monitoring, notifying, ticketing, and reporting
  • Cloud security solutions eliminate costly installation and setup work
  • 24x7 MSP Technical Support
  • Full Mac & Linux support


Make your teams more productive:

  • Cloud-based multi-tenant console, designed specifically for MSPs.
  • Delivers streamlined management and real-time reporting features.
  • Requires no in-house infrastructure or maintenance.
  • Create, manage and deploy Bitdefender security services easily with GravityZone.
  • Patching
  • Cloud Security and Virtualisation
  • Ransomware
  • Endpoint Protection:
    • Anti-Virus
    • Anti-Malware
  • Email and Web Security
  • Encryption

GravityZone Management Portal

Multiple layers of security for endpoints, including Microsoft Exchange mail servers

GravityZone is a business security solution built from ground-up for virtualization and cloud to deliver security services to physical endpoints, virtual machines in private, public cloud and Exchange mail servers.

GravityZone’s whole management workflow, across all customers and products, is driven from a single console with a single login. Everything – policies, licensing, reporting - is controlled from one space.

Read more in our blog: Five GravityZone benefits every security partner needs to know about

Management Portal Screenshot

GravityZone Cloud Security for MSPs

#1 ranked anti-malware

Ranked number one amongst the market’s leading corporate security solutions, GravityZone Cloud Security is now available for multi-tenant, MSP environments, for both enterprise and SMB users.

GravityZone Cloud Security for MSPs comprehensively strengthens your customers’ anti-malware and prevents the incidents that can undermine your profitable relationship with them.

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GravityZone Cloud Security for MSPs

GravityZone Patch Management New!

Unpatched vulnerabilities are frequently exploited by ransomware attacks

GravityZone Patch Management module helps enterprises improve their security by eliminating OS and application vulnerabilities in their Windows-based physical, virtual on-premises and cloud-based endpoints and servers.

The module can be added on top of existing Bitdefender GravityZone Endpoint Security products and is managed from the same GravityZone console that customers use today.

  • Patch Management manages software updates for the largest collection of software applications in the market.
  • Supports automatic, manual and scheduled patching with the ability to postpone reboots for patching requiring a restart.
  • Flexible Patch Management: ability to create a patch inventory, limit automatic patching to admin-preferred applications and vary scheduling.
  • Reduce network traffic by distributing patches from the relay.
  • Demonstrate GDPR compliance with Patch specific reports.

GravityZone ATS (Advanced Threat Security) New!

Bitdefender GravityZone ATS, featuring HyperDetect and integrated sandbox, effectively protects businesses against highly sophisticated cyber-attacks that evade conventional endpoint security tools.

GravityZone ATS delivers a layered defence approach with multi-stage signature-less technologies including advanced machine learning, behavioural analysis, anti-exploit and integrated sandbox.

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GravityZone ATD

GravityZone EDR, without the noise! New!

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is one of the hottest topics in endpoint security, but many EDR-enabled solutions simply generate too much ‘noise’ to be usable.

GravityZone EDR delivers prevention, automated detection, investigation and response tools from a single agent, managed from a single console, via the cloud - vastly simplifying EDR but preserving all its benefits.

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GravityZone EDR, without the noise!

GravityZone Security for Exchange

Superior enterprise messaging and collaboration protection

With GravityZone Security for Exchange, Bitdefender enables your enterprise customers’ business-critical collaboration and messaging to enjoy the industry’s most comprehensive protection - against malware, spam, and unsolicited content and attachments, and with minimal resource consumption.

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GravityZone Security for Exchange

Cloud Security for MSP - Full Disk Encryption

Encryption management from the same cloud or on-premise console used for endpoint protection

  • Uses proven native encryption for Windows (BitLocker) and Mac (FileVault) and avoids performance issues, no new agent required
  • Simple to deploy Full Disk Encryption to endpoints and manage or restore keys from the console
  • Encryption specific reports that help companies demonstrate compliance
  • Pre-boot authentication enforcement

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Cloud Security for MSP - Full Disk Encryption

GravityZone Security for Virtualised Environments (VS/VDI)

Low-profile enterprise solution for your virtualisation, data centre and cloud customers

For many of your enterprise customers, the most pressing challenge is how to secure their virtualised environments without impairing infrastructure performance.

GravityZone Security for Virtualised Environments SVE (VS/VDI) is a low-profile security service that answers this need, enabling you to helps businesses manage their IT risks without their having to sacrifice the scalability benefits of virtualisation and cloud.

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Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection (HVI)

Bitdefender and Citrix Join Forces to Root out Deep Threats from Your Infrastructure

Hypervisor Introspection discovers targeted attacks in real-time through live memory introspection at Hypervisor level and the first security solution that is able to uncover memory violations that endpoint security tools sometimes miss by directly analysing raw memory lines - thereby ensuring they are not being altered by malware.

Citrix introduced a new, specially designed API in XenServer, to offer insight into the raw memory stack of every virtual machine from the hypervisor. Positioned completely outside the operating system, with hardware-enforced isolation, and with no agent or drivers installed on the endpoints, Hypervisor Introspection is impossible to take down or compromise by rootkits or other kernel-level threats.

Available as CPU pricing only

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Secure Amazon AWS like no other – for customers large and small

Security-as-a-Service for Amazon Web Services

With instant and almost infinite resource availability, Amazon AWS has brought cloud capability within the reach of businesses across the world. Yet most MSP security solutions let these businesses down, as they simply can’t cope with the complex demands of Amazon’s multi-tenant, public cloud environment.

AWS customers of all sizes, from small business to enterprise, want better - and Bitdefender delivers it, through a single cloud console.

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Secure Amazon AWS like no other – for customers large and small

Why MSPs should source Bitdefender through Blue Solutions?

A combination of benefits you won’t find elsewhere.

Blue Solutions is the largest Bitdefender MSP distributor in the UK for a good reason!  

Blue Solutions’ Bitdefender MSP team has been running this model very successfully for over 2 years. Our knowledge and expertise in GravityZone is second to none, and we rarely come across any issues that we are not able to solve as your first point of contact for support. But if we do, we have a great working relationship with Bitdefender’s support team and can escalate directly to the right teams.  

We run free bi-weekly demos for our partners to help you manage your Bitdefender MSP business, and along with our sales and marketing support you will find your life just that little bit easier while resting safe in the knowledge that you are supplying your customers with world renown security. 

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Why MSPs should source Bitdefender through Blue Solutions?

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