Secure Amazon AWS like no other – for customers large and small

Security-as-a-Service for Amazon Web Services

Traditional security solutions, “bolted on” to Amazon AWS, arguably create more problems for both MSP and customer than they solve.

Deployment is often laborious and resource-heavy. Performance and financials contradict each other; billing is typically by amount of security resource consumed, but the efficiency of that consumption is poor, because the security is sharing computing resources with the business’s own applications.

Blue Solutions and Bitdefender, on the other hand, enable you to deliver Gravity Zone Security for AWS, a service that is uniquely differentiated, because it is:

  • Over 80% more affordable than competitor solutions - You pay for only the instances you are using, and the cost is hourly. If the secured applications have slow or busy times, your costs will scale down. When an instance is stopped or deleted, your costs disappear.
  • High-performance, small footprint - No bloated anti-malware agents eating up precious computing resource; instead, scanning is offloaded to a powerful, centralised service securely hosted by Bitdefender.
  • Automated and integrated, to reduce costs - Automated anti-malware deployment, and a single security console that enables you to configure and report on all security activity, help streamline your operations, dramatically reducing costly manual intervention.


And for your enterprise customers: Why choose GravityZone Security for AWS?

Unlike many traditional solutions that patch together pre-virtualisation and pre-cloud Windows applications, GravityZone security solutions are built from the ground up to meet enterprises' demanding virtualisation and cloud security needs - across physical endpoints, mobile devices, virtual machines in private and public cloud, and Exchange mail servers.

Controlled through one centralised console, GravityZone Security for AWS enables you to easily deliver instantly scalable security to meet your enterprise customers' evolving security needs, with hassle-free automatic deployment through AWS instance tagging.