Simplicity, flexibility, economy – growth!

Blue Solutions and Bitdefender only bill you at the end of each month, and only on the basis of licences and endpoints that you have actually activated and used.

Additionally, we build generous incentives into our pricing structure, to reward you for growing your MSP business and to make it easier for you to go after larger accounts like enterprise customers. So, with Blue Solutions and Bitdefender, there are:

  • No fixed per-device prices, no margin loss - our tiered pricing means the more active devices your end-users connect, the more cost-effective each connection becomes for you
  • No penalties for expanding your customer base - our aggregated billing means end-users across all your customer sites are captured in one economical, discounted billing process
  • No rigid contracts - our agreements are “no commit”, enabling you to deliver new services to your customers rapidly and without bureaucracy, and evolve them flexibly


Bitdefender GravityZone MSP solutions: for customers large and small

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