Why source Bitdefender through Blue Solutions?

A combination of benefits you won’t find elsewhere.

Blue Solutions delivers because of its unrivalled vendor relationships – which is why our Bitdefender portfolio now includes the latest enterprise as well as SMB solutions, for resellers.

Our outstanding solutions knowledge and exclusive focus on software expertise has been the Blue Solutions differentiator for many years, and it delivers decisive benefits to your business, including:

  • Economical and easy to manage – Monthly licensing available
  • Powerful sales automation, including a comprehensive NFR and licence toolbox, leads distribution and management, special pricing requests, upsell and pro-rata support, and renewals management.
  • Funded marketing muscle! Tell your customer a compelling story and turn conversations into conversions, with marketing collateral and content that we’ve assembled for you – supported by all-important MDF.
  • Expert support and sales enablement – Pick up the phone to our technical support team and you speak to a certified engineer – not someone working from a script. And they’ll give your sales a helping hand by participating in your webinars and training activities, too!
  • Instantly accessible training - Your account teams and internal users get focused quicker, thanks to anytime, anywhere online training.
  • Promotions that deliver reach – We reshape our Bitdefender offers to appeal to your customers’ changing needs – and we can support your promotional activity through our own blogging, content marketing, web and social media channels, too.

For MSPs we offer simplicity, flexibility and economy which equates to growth!

Blue Solutions and Bitdefender only bill you at the end of each month, and only on the basis of licences and endpoints that you have actually activated and used.

Additionally, we build generous incentives into our pricing structure, to reward you for growing your MSP business and to make it easier for you to go after larger accounts like enterprise customers. So, with Blue Solutions and Bitdefender, there are:

  • No fixed per-device prices, no margin loss - our tiered pricing means the more active devices your end-users connect, the more cost-effective each connection becomes for you
  • No penalties for expanding your customer base - our aggregated billing means end-users across all your customer sites are captured in one economical, discounted billing process
  • No rigid contracts - our agreements are “no commit”, enabling you to deliver new services to your customers rapidly and without bureaucracy, and evolve them flexibly