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Why Cynet for MSPs?

Cynet is a pioneer and leader in Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Cynet simplifies security, for managed service providers, by providing a scalable, holistic protection and detection platform that delivers prevention, precise detection and automated response to advanced threats with near-zero false positives, shortening the time from detection to resolution and limiting damage to an organisation.

According to Gartner by 2020:

  • 15% of organizations will be using services such as MDR, which is an increase from fewer than 1% today.
  • 80% of worldwide managed security service providers (MSSPs) will offer MDR-type services

Cynet is recognized by leading analyst group Gartner as a representative vendor in its  “Endpoint Detection and Response” (Dec. 2015) Market Guide. At the Infosecurity 2017 Awards, Cynet won Gold in Startup of the Year category, and Bronze in the APT Detection & Response, and Innovation in Enterprise Security categories.

Cynet - Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Time is critical when organizational assets are on the line, Cynet’s agentless solution and central dashboard mean you see results in just a few hours.

Cynet - Sophisticated Analysis

Sophisticated Analysis

Endpoints, networks, user behavior and files are collected and correlated, honing in with missile-like precision on the anomalies which bypass the perimeter.

Cynet - Threat Identification

Threat Identification

The backing of Cynet’s 24/7 Monitoring team means potential threats are quickly identified and given a risk ranking, catching the unknown threats other solutions miss.

Cynet - Elimination


Threats – even the advanced and unknown threats which bypassed your perimeter solutions – are quarantined and aggressively remediated, keeping enterprise assets safe.

Cynet 360 Platform

Detect & Respond to Advanced Threats

Cynet 360 is a comprehensive advanced threat detection, prevention and response platform that initiates sophisticated threat analysis, and targets and remediates unknown threats which have bypassed existing perimeters.

Cynet 360 uses a unique approach to detecting threats, correlating and analysing indicators across files, users, networks and endpoints. It neutralises unknown threats, anomalies and unsigned malware which have bypassed existing detection solutions.

The solution establishes a risk ranking, allowing it to accurately detect and remediate sophisticated cyber-attacks, with an emphasis on zero-day attacks and malicious code activity from unsigned threats such as Trojans, ransomware, root kits, viruses and worms.

  • Agentless - easily integrates into existing security infrastructure.
  • 24/7 Monitoring – front line security intelligence ensures low false positives
  • Sandbox – static / dynamic behaviour analysis identifies anomalies and threats
  • Deception - deployment of decoys for users, files and servers

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Cynet Rapid Incident Response

Scanning & Remediation

Once an attack has launched, it spreads swiftly, blocking users, overloading networks and stealing critical data and intellectual property.

Cynet Incident Response begins scanning and correlating thousands of files, users, endpoints and networks in just a few hours.

Decoy deployment and sandbox capabilities allow for real-time tracking and trapping of attackers, and dynamic analysis of attacks in a safe and isolated environment. Once the scan is completed, Cynet delivers a comprehensive threat and remediation report.

  • Fastest response on the market – setup and detection begin within 2-hours of server availability
  • Ongoing alerts – notifications for up to three weeks on uncovered threats
  • 24/7 Monitoring – sifts through potential threats, utilizing front-line security intelligence, keeping false positives to a minimum
Cynet Rapid Incident Response

Cynet Audit

Target and neutralize threats

Cynet Audit provides an emergency solution for organizations under attack.

  • Secure Your Assets - Identify and aggressively neutralize advanced and unknown threats that have skirted the protection perimeter, while committing minimal organizational resources
  • Ensure the integrity of your enterprise data – clean your IT territory with minimal impact on operations
  • Agentless – no agent installation option means you’re running fast for quick detection and aggressive remediation of unknown threats
  • 24/7 Monitoring - Analysts filter suspicious items so you can focus on the real threats
Cynet Audit

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