Instant MSP solution, rapid profitability

DataFortress is a ready-assembled MSP solution for data backup, protection and recovery. It enables your business to start selling high-demand MSP services in literally minutes, but it also protects your profitability, thanks to:

  • Maximum automation – Automatic, up-to-the-minute backup scheduling and software updates require little or no manual intervention from the MSP.
  • Easy control of users – You can manage multiple users and backup accounts from a single interface, rather than wasting productivity dealing with several different management tools
  • Delegation of responsibilities – You can remotely pass control of all backup clients and compliance activities to the end-users, who can recover critical data and backups at the push of a button
  • Inbuilt business growth potential -  You can easily scale your service to protect thousands of workstations and servers, across all your customers’ physical and virtual environments, and locations.

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