Powerful new features beat the competition and reduce customer churn!

DataFortress is the world’s only truly secure multi-tenant backup solution. 

It works 7 – 10 times faster than anything your competitors can offer, and now includes these brand-new features to help keep customers on board and reduce churn:

  • Instant Data – Instant access to streamed recovery data (no waiting for it all to download)
  • Full System Backup - Customers simply click a button to back up all their data (files, folders, and images) from all target machines – endpoints, servers, and everything in between!
  • Local Backup - An accessible, in-house fallback for customers when internet access becomes unavailable
  • Legacy Backup – Older but critical data no longer has to sit outside the backup and recovery strategy

DataFortress is a compelling and profitable proposition for your business, as it offers:

  • Low costs –  Monthly billing enables you to pay only for what you use, and only after you’ve used it – which means you can pass the savings on to your end-users
  • Unparalleled speed and coverage – Not only can DataFortress index and back up 100 million files in an hour, it can handle scores of file formats, too – including SQL, Exchange, Hyper-V, and others - and it can recover a 70Gb SQL server in three seconds
  • Hyper-efficient bandwidth use - DataFortress won’t eat up your customers’ bandwidth. It backs up the changes (deltas), not the entire dataset, so it can easily back up data every hour, reducing your customers’ maximum possible data risk to only one hour’s work
  • Government-grade security –  Data is protected by the latest 256-bit AES GCM encryption technology, adopted by the U.S. Government and used by defence and high-security agencies worldwide
  • Maximum resilience and availability -  Data is stored in multiple, mirrored Tier 3 UK data centres - it remains available to your customers even if an outage occurs

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