Break out of break-fix!

DataFortress delivers rapid deployment and unrivalled customer satisfaction in one of today’s highest-demand markets – cloud backup, data protection, and recovery. This killer combination will help transition your business from high-overhead reseller to high-profitability MSP, with:

  • Undisputed market differentiation – DataFortress is the world’s only truly secure multi-tenant backup solution, and performs some 7 – 10 times faster than any competitor
  • Unbeatable margins – 45%-plus is achievable, dwarfing typical reseller returns
  • Predictable, visible billing – You only pay for what you use – and you can monitor it
  • Minutes-to-market – You could move your business from unpredictable break-fix to smooth service revenues, today, simply by signing up online!
  • Marketing muscle – Ready-made end-user marketing resources help you to get the word out and rapidly grow your new service
  • Customer base boost – Cloud scales effortlessly to meet the needs of all sizes of business – so they’re all potentially your DataFortress customers!

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