Anti-Exploit for Business
Innovative exploit mitigation that delivers additional revenue

 Malwarebytes - Anti-Exploit for BusinessMalwarebytes Anti-Exploit for Business enables you to protect your customers from one of the most advanced and aggressive types of cyber-attack: the zero-day exploits that target vulnerabilities in browsers, applications and documents, media players and more.

Malwarebytes’ patent-pending technology wraps each of your customers’ vulnerable programs in four unique defensive layers. These four layers combine to form a powerful barrier that can detect malicious intent, preventing the exploit from delivering its ransomware payload and so stopping the infection before it even starts.

Blue Solutions and Malwarebytes protect your customers with:

  • The world’s most complete defence against zero-day exploits; 100% block rate in install base since first released in 2014, zero false-positives
  • Unintrusive deployment and operation – just one small (3Mb ) static agent
  • “Set and forget” convenience – Low on manual intervention and maintenance, requires no staff upskilling
  • Profitable compatibility – Works with all major AV vendors’ solutions, so you can add another revenue stream to the install base you already have
  • Customised protection to protect ANY application
  • Competitor-beating functional benefits - Doesn’t rely on blacklisting, sandboxing or VMs, catches Java exploits and memory bypassing, no complex implementation and hardware costs, needs no operating system upgrades


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