Fighting the infection timeline – earlier, stronger, longer

Malware is a product like any other. It’s created, tested, and launched.

But whereas most other anti-malware solutions can only detect this “product” once it’s gone live, Malwarebytes picks up on the infection timeline way before this – resulting in protection that starts earlier, grows stronger quicker, and guards against infection longer.

Malwarebytes anti-malware infection timeline

Blue Solutions and Malwarebytes enable you to protect your customers along a greater length of the infection timeline than any other vendor, detecting and defending them against:

  • The earliest attempts by the malware’s author to probe the most effective delivery methods - exploit kit, social engineering, drive-by download, etc.
  • The release and “go live” of the malware to the general public and business community
  • The critical zero-day period, when the threats are still unknown and so can’t be stopped by traditional AV applications – resulting in endpoint infection that is invisible
  • Data breaches, which compromise customers’ critical business data and steal it, hold it to ransom etc.
  • Deeper infection, when the malware spreads across the network, hides and disguises itself (in order to reinfect) and then removes itself (in order to avoid detailed analysis)

Malwarebytes’ anti-malware effectiveness: practical proof

In a study conducted between Malwarebytes and eight other high-profile security vendors, involving 57 malware samples taken from a live site, Malwarebytes detected and stopped all of the malware more quickly than all the other vendors, with complete protection against the threats being achieved in just 15 minutes.

Only one other vendor managed to defeat all the threats – and that took them six days. Seven of the vendors had not been able to defeat all of the threats by the sixth day of the study.

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