Layers stop malware other solutions can’t

Layered Anti-malware protectionAnti-malware protection is like cold weather clothing – at its most effective when it’s in layers. A huge overcoat can keep out some intrusions, but it is a single point of failure for the others!

Malwarebytes is the only vendor to deliver multi-layered protection to your customers, stopping the zero-day exploits that many anti-malware offerings miss, whilst working seamlessly alongside any other AV solutions you supply to them.

Through Blue Solutions, Malwarebytes’ layered anti-malware enables you, uniquely, to:

  • Protect your customers much earlier in the infection timeline, thanks to defensive layers that react before the infection actually occurs
  • Protect your customers from a far wider range of malware – not just the legacy worms and Trojans of traditional anti-virus, but zero-hour exploits, malicious website traffic, unknown threats, drive-by attacks, and many more
  • Protect your customers without disruption – Malwarebytes’ solutions can simply be deployed as an additional security layer – no need for your customers to swap out their current anti-malware solutions
  • Boost your revenues – Malwarebytes works alongside any existing AV solutions you also deliver, creating a potential additional revenue stream

With small footprints and no need for user upskilling, Malwarebytes’ solutions deploy rapidly into your customers’ environments and immediately start to make a difference  - both to your customers’ security and your bottom line.

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