Microsoft cloud-licensed solutions – Office 365
Deliver productivity to your customers and profit to your business

Your customers are constantly seeking productivity gains – wherever their employees are, whatever devices they’re using, whatever tasks they’re performing, and whether they favour keyboard, pen or touchscreen. Office 365 is your easiest, most rapid, and most profitable route to becoming your customers’ preferred productivity partner.
Through Blue Solutions, Office 365 provides your customers with an instant, cloud-based office suite to answer their every productivity need, from creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations, to communicating and collaborating by email, instant messaging, Skype, and filesharing.
Blue Solutions enables you to deliver Office 365 to your customers at optimum profitability, because it features:
  • Free 30-day trial for your end users, enabling them to experience and measure the solution’s convincing benefits for themselves

  • Total margin flexibility – You’re in charge of pricing, so it’s easy to align different customer types to maximised profit models

  • Monthly billing – You retain control of what you use and pay for, month by month, enabling better financial control and planning

  • Control of all customer processes – You manage all orders and renewals – they don’t go through Microsoft

  • Tailored support options – you can support your customers yourself, but Blue Solutions has the in-house Microsoft expertise to deliver detailed second-level support if you need it

Managed from a single console, Office 365 enables you to focus on generating regular service revenues, without spending valuable time on costly administration.

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