Cloud App Security

Boost your security business through your Office 365 customers

Cloud App Security GraphicLicensing models: Service Provider (MSPs) and Reseller

With an estimated 60% of malware in targeted attacks being hidden inside file formats like Word, Powerpoint and Excel, plus known vulnerabilities in OneDrive, SharePoint, and remote working methods, your Office 365 customers badly need additional cloud security to keep their data and their businesses safe.

Blue Solutions and Trend Micro turn this customer need into profitable additional revenue streams for your business, through Cloud App Security.

This innovative solution, praised by industry analysts IDC as a "combination of advanced security solutions for Office 365", delivers unique benefits to your and your customers’ business, including:

  • ***NEW*** Even stronger protection against Business Email Compromise (BEC)! The artificial intelligence (AI) of the new Writing Style DNA feature can tell a CEO's genuine email instruction from a fraudster's imitation - stopping money and data being sent where they shouldn't!

  • Rapid set-up - Microsoft API gets your service up and running quickly,  eliminating the time-consuming, costly burden of installing software, changing user settings and MX records, and setting up a separate proxy.
  • Cost-effective management -  No need to manage rerouting of email traffic; integration with Office 365 is cloud-to-cloud, direct, and you manage every customer easily and economically, through a single console.
  • Included in Worry Free Business Security Services Advanced
  • Stops risks in their tracks: Extends Microsoft’s built-in anti-malware using sandbox analysis, detecting threats early (including spear-phishing and file-sharing risks) before they turn into support calls!
  • Detects even advanced attacks: Finds the hidden malware inside common Office file formats (like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) that Office 365 often cannot protect your customers from.
  • Collaboration - free from infiltration: Scans files shared from remote workers, partners, and mobile devices, ensuring threats can’t migrate and damage your customers’ business through OneDrive or SharePoint.
  • Strong financials and incentives – Through its relationship with Blue Solutions, Trend Micro offers you the choice of subscription (reseller) or flexible MSP billing  - plus bonuses for specialisation, 10% deal registration when you join the partner programme, MDF to support your marketing, and more!