Email Encryption Solutions

Your customers’ easiest way to email security compliance

Licensing models: Service Provider (MSPs) and Reseller

Email is a vital business tool for sending and receiving even the most confidential messages. Yet every time your customers and prospects send sensitive information over the Internet, they expose themselves to the risk of a data breach.

They badly need extra security - but without the costly burden of extra overhead.


Secure, encrypted email – without the hassle

Trend Micro Email Encryption Solutions keep customers’ email confidential, simplify compliance, and reduce management costs by removing the complexity from encryption

In addition, Email Encryption Solutions also deliver:

  • Effortless encryption management– No pre-enrolment and certificate management hassles; the recipient’s email address automatically creates the encryption keys, which can be recovered 24 x 7 without specialist IT involvement
  • Complexity-free for senders, including optional encryption button in Microsoft Outlook
  • Complexity-free for recipients  - Recipients decrypt emails without having to download software (including mobile devices running iOS and Android)
  • Incoming and outgoing encryption, enabling your customers to meet the compliance requirements of their partners and customers
  • Cost savings – The solutions’ simplicity reduces administration and management time

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Productive encryption for gateways and endpoints alike

Trend Micro Email Encryption Solutions protects the privacy of emails at both the email gateway level and on individual desktop and mobile endpoints. Its simple operation enables compliance policies to be easily adopted and adhered to, increases trust in your customers’ communications, and ensures compliance does not get in the way of productivity.


Where you’ll find Email Encryption Solutions

Email Encryption Solutions include:


Smart Protection Complete Suite

This solution delivers Integrated, multi-layered protection across gateways, physical and virtual endpoints, mobiles, servers, and applications, with behaviour monitoring and host intrusion protection, to combat even the most sophisticated threats.