ScanMail Suite for IBM Domino

Email security in a native IBM application

Licensing models: Service Provider (MSPs) and Reseller

Most mail server security solutions rely on periodic updates and threat databases—they don’t detect malicious URLs or targeted attacks such as advanced persistent threats (APTs).

These hidden threats usually enter the network through highly targeted emails, making the messaging gateway and mail server the right place to stop them. But many IBM Domino users don’t yet have this protection.


Rated #1 for spam and phishing protection

ScanMail Suite for IBM Domino stops highly targeted email attacks, such as spear phishing, by using document exploit detection, enhanced web reputation, and sandboxing, as part of a custom APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) defence.

Rated #1 for spam and phishing protection, ScanMail has consistently outperformed eight other products in quarterly benchmark tests since 2011, and runs as a native Domino server application, optimised for high performance.

In addition, ScanMail Suite for IBM Domino delivers:

  • Time-saving features like centralised management, template-based Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and role-based access
  • Proven cost reduction - Domino end-users report TCO savings of up to 35% when using ScanMail, according to independent research
  • Protection against advanced malware contained in Adobe, PDF, MS Office, and other documents
  • Low operational overhead – supports remote management, single update server across multiple platforms, and full cluster support, all in a native 64-bit application
  • Outstanding metrics - Blocks more spam than other security solutions according to independent test; has been shown stop up to 85% of all incoming email on the basis of sender reputation alone

For more information on ScanMail Suite for IBM Domino, download the data sheet


Email security that is effective and economical

ScanMail Suite for IBM Domino delivers cloud-based security to stop threats at the mail server, before they reach the end-user. Centralisation, visibility and control of data, plus automation and scripted installation, make for a compelling partner solution that is easy to deploy and manage.


Smart Protection Complete Suite

ScanMail Suite for IBM Domino is also included in the Smart Protection Complete Suite. This solution delivers Integrated, multi-layered protection across gateways, physical and virtual endpoints, mobiles, servers, and applications, with behaviour monitoring and host intrusion protection, to combat even the most sophisticated threats.


Licensing Models

ScanMail Suite for IBM Domino is available in both reseller and service provider (MSP) licensing models.