Endpoint Encryption
Protect enterprise customers’ information – wherever their endpoints go

A stolen laptop, a lost tablet, a misplaced mobile – every one of these errant endpoints (and more) can potentially cause your customer not only to lose their own commercially sensitive information, but also to breach third-party data compliance and confidentiality regulations, exposing them to major legal risk.

Blue Solutions and Trend Micro enable you to deliver a unique service to your enterprise users that can remotely encrypt, lock and wipe any endpoint – including desktop, laptop, mobile, and removable media – so they can still enjoy productivity-boosting mobility, without the associated risk.

Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption is a profitable differentiator that enables you to:

  • Service enterprise customers easily, with simplified deployment, configuration and management, through a single, integrated management console
  • Stop customer data loss before it starts, by identifying lost and stolen devices before they can boot up, and then remotely locking, resetting or “killing” them
  • Make compliance easier for customers, by enabling them to demonstrate it on demand, through real-time auditing
  • Protect data and users without business disruption, through remote management, with no performance degradation
  • Automate regulatory standards through policy-based encryption, with the most robust current and emerging industry certifications (FIPS 140-2 Level 2, TCG OPAL, OPAL 2 SED)

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