Hosted Email Security

Serverless email protection for customers with limited IT resources

Licensing models: Service Provider (MSPs) and Reseller

Hosted Email Security delivers unrivalled email protection to the Worry-Free SMB portfolio, enabling you to stop malware, phishing and spam before it gets anywhere near your customers, but manage it easily and profitably using the cost-busting Remote Manager tool.

Email is still the primary route into organisations for most forms of malware and spam, so your customers badly need protection from it - but what if they just don't have the IT resources to manage and administrate it? Through Trend Micro Hosted Email Security, Blue Solutions enables you to protect your customers' email with a maintenance-free, SaaS solution that doesn't need them to pay for costly servers or employ expensive IT security specialists on their premises, but blocks spam, malware and phishing attacks before they even reach their networks.

Hosted Email Security diagram

Hosted Email Security enables you to differentiate your email security services from your competitors, because it delivers:


  • Comprehensive email solution coverage, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and many other hosted and on-premise email systems.
  • Encryption, to automatically enforce compliance requirements (e.g. for GDPR) and protect confidential information 
  • #1 rating for stopping spam and phishing attacks -in independent competitive tests conducted by Opus One, it achieved 99% blocking effectiveness, with no more than .0003% false positives and zero viruses.
  • Maintenance-free operation - Trend Micro experts continuously implement all updates, patches and hot fixes 24x7.
  • End-user control – Users do not need the help of IT staff to manage their email protection.
  • "Latest and greatest" threat intelligence – Hosted Email Security is connected to the Smart Protection Network, an early warning system that gathers millions of pieces of threat data every day, permanently ensuring up-to-date threat protection for your customers.
  • Easy, centralised management of multiple products and customers from a single web console (Remote Manager) – so it's as easy to manage one customer as several hundred.
  • Enhanced productivity and bandwidth to your customers, because email security is no longer a complex exercise that sucks up effort and resource.


Protect your customers' email like no other MSP can, with 100% service availability, and no more than one minute of mail delivery latency!