InterScan Web Security

Makes web and cloud safer for your customers, from a single console

InterScan Web Security DiagramLicensing models: Service Provider (MSPs) and Reseller

InterScan Web Security integrates comprehensive web protection at every moment your customers are connected to the outside world, with instant updates, and for every risk – including zero-day exploits, malware, Advanced Persistent Threats, malicious and reputationally suspect URLs, employees' use of cloud applications like Skype, Dropbox, social media, and more.

Benefits to you

  • Rapid ROI, no upfront expenditure – Monthly billing MSP option means your service can be making a surplus right from the start
  • Keeps costs down – No cumbersome admin to burn through your margins; a single console enables real-time, centralised management across multiple instances and locations
  • Positions you as the protector – InterScan Web Security monitors web use as it happens, enabling you to deliver on-the-spot threat prevention to your customers
  • Razor-sharp service, low management overhead – Constantly improves security levels with speedy deployment of new features; cloud delivery means no need to maintain OS or manage updates
  • Drives customer acquisition – Rapid to deploy, across cloud, on-premise and hybrid models, meaning you can bring customers on board quicker
  • Supports your business growth – Scales effortlessly, instantly turning customers' growing demands into revenue realisation

Benefits to your customers

  • Outstanding performance  Near-zero latency means consistent availability and responsiveness
  • Constantly strengthened threat protection – Connection to worldwide Smart Protection Network continually updates detection intelligence
  • Cloud, web and social media control – Enables customers to see in-application activity, act on issues, and adjust users' interactions to mitigate risk
  • Data Loss Prevention – Option to scan outbound traffic for content that includes confidential or compliance-sensitive data
  • Full threat landscape picture – Control Manager puts all threat intelligence, activity and reporting into a single console, making customers' day-to-day security management insightful, coordinated, and comprehensive