Why Trend Micro for Managed Service Providers?

The most extensive security product portfolio available to MSPs. Grow your business as you deliver value to your customers!

The Trend Micro MSP Program is designed not only to grow your revenues through the most extensive MSP security product portfolio available, but also to help increase your profitability through purpose-built, cloud-based tools that make management of your services easy and cost-effective.


Increase revenues with security solutions that are easy to deploy, manage, and sell.

  • No upfront payment or minimum contract
  • Monthly pay-as-you-go usage based licensing
  • No volume purchase commitment
  • Automated usage reporting
  • Free internal testing and 30 day free trials available for all products
  • Pricing focused on the service, not products – allowing multiple solutions to be provided at a predictable cost
  • Integration with leading RMM and PSA tools providing “single-pane-of-glass” deployment, monitoring, notifying, ticketing, and reporting
  • Integration with industry standard application deployment platforms
  • Choose from on-premise solutions or cloud options that eliminate costly installation and setup work

  • Free online tools for centralised management and self-provisioning
  • Create and manage your customer licences for Trend Micro products easily with Licensing Management Platform
  • Reduce your costs by centrally and securely managing multiple Trend Micro accounts with Remote Manager

  • Ransomware
  • Viruses & Malware
  • Spyware
  • Threat Actors
  • Zero-Day Threats
  • Network Attacks
  • Malicious Websites
  • Inappropriate Websites
  • Spam

Ebook: Be more profitable as a Security MSP Partner

Licensing Management Platform (LMP)

Drastically reduce your costs of operation

Trend Micro Licensing Management Platform for MSPs is an exclusive web-based tool that lets you create, manage, maintain and report your customer licences for Trend Micro products. Features an easy-to-use, web-based, self-service portal that provides billing, auditing reports and automatically syncs with Trend Micro Remote Manager.

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  • Enables:
    • Self-provisioning of security product licences 24x7x365
    • Instant increase / decrease of licence counts
    • Batch uploads of end-customer profiles and licences
  • Eliminates:
    • Wait times on ordering licences as LMP is available 24x7x365
    • The need to keep track of renewals and expiration dates
    • Tracking licences in a spreadsheet (automated billing available)

Trend Micro Remote Manager

Manage hundreds of customers as profitably as you’d manage just one!

Remote Manager is the productivity and profitability behind your managed security services – an at-a-glance dashboard, with consolidated reporting of all customer usage and billing, across all Worry-Free solutions, Hosted Email Security, Cloud App Security and Interscan Web Security as a Service.

It means your margins grow as your business does, because onboarding and managing new customers and users – however many of them there are - is always quick and easy. 

Combine Remote Manager with PSA and RMM platforms – ConnectWise, Kaseya and Autotask – for increased productivity.

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Trend Micro Remote Manager

Cloud Endpoint Security

Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security - More ways to stay safer

Trend Micro’s Worry-Free range of solutions enable you to respond to the full spectrum of both SMB and enterprise customers’ managed security service needs, without costly and time-consuming management and administration overheads.

Worry-Free for MSPs

  • Worry-Free Business Security Services - New EDR add-on
  • Worry-Free Business Security Services Advanced

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Cloud Email Gateway Services

Stop more phishing, ransomware, and fraud attacks by using a cross-generational blend of threat techniques

Delivers unrivalled email protection without the need for customers to have extensive, dedicated IT resources. It enables you to stop threats reaching your customers, and you can manage it easily and profitably using the Remote Manager tool.

Get continuously updated protection against BEC, ransomware, spam, and advanced targeted attacks with Hosted Email Security or Email Security Advanced.

  • Trend Micro Hosted Email Security (HES): Serverless email protection for customers with limited IT resources.
  • Trend Micro Email Security Advanced: additional features include email continuity, customisable reporting and external log sharing.

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Cloud Email Gateway Services

Cloud App Security

Boost your security business through your Office 365 customers

Your Office 365 customers are potentially vulnerable to threats that target email, OneDrive and SharePoint, and to network breaches from remote users, which Office 365 often cannot detect.

Trend Micro Cloud App Security gives you the opportunity to proactively address these issues by selling powerful additional cloud security into Office 365 customers, through a single console that is easy and economical to use.

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Cloud App Security

Email and Collaboration Security Solutions

Stop phishing, malware, ransomware and targeted attacks from infiltrating your customers’ businesses

Email is the attacker’s top choice for ransomware and targeted attacks – so your customers need the best email security available to protect their organisation.

Trend Micro’s solutions email and collaboration security solutions work with Control Manager for central management and threat sharing with other security layers to improve your visibility and overall protection.

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Email and Collaboration Security Solutions

Web Security

Trend Micro InterScan Web Security - makes web and cloud safer for your customers, from a single console

The Web and the cloud open up a window between your customers and the outside world – and they're just not in a position to manage the risks. InterScan Web Security puts you in prime position to address these needs, from your customers' internet gateway right into the workings of the cloud applications they use, and all through a single, economical console.

InterScan Web Security can be deployed as a virtual appliance, cloud service or hybrid.

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Web Security

Endpoint Encryption Solutions

Protect customers’ information – wherever their endpoints go

Trend Micro™ Endpoint Encryption enables you to deliver a unique service to your enterprise users that can remotely encrypt, lock and wipe any endpoint – including desktop, laptop, and removable media – so they can still enjoy productivity-boosting mobility, without the associated risk.

This solution combines enterprise-wide full disk, file/folder, and removable media encryption to prevent unauthorised access and use of private information.

Endpoint Encryption is available as File Encryption or Full Disk Encryption (includes File Encryption) subscriptions

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Endpoint Encryption Solutions

Mobile Security

Four-in-one protection: the strongest mobile security sell!

Trend Micro Mobile Security delivers security, application management, mobile device management (MDM) and data protection, in one single service that integrates layers of data protection no standalone solution can provide. And all with single-console management that keeps your service seamless and your margins keen!

Read Trend Micro’s Survey Report: Britain’s Culture of Carelessness with Mobile Devices - A survey report exploring London’s security ‘blackspots

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Mobile Security

Cloud and Data Center Security

Secure virtual, cloud, physical, and hybrid environments easily and effectively

Trend Micro Deep Security™ provides advanced server security for physical, virtual, and cloud servers. It protects enterprise applications and data from ransomware, breaches, and business disruptions without requiring emergency patching.

This comprehensive, centrally-managed product helps you simplify security operations while accelerating regulatory compliance and the ROI of virtualisation and cloud projects.

  • Multi-tenancy lets MSPs create separate management environments within a single Deep Security Manager
  • Reduced cost and complexity with a single platform for management of security controls and policies across multiple environments: physical, virtual, cloud, and hybrid.
  • Monthly billing subscription options

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Trend Micro Deep Security

Trend Micro XGen™ Security

A new approach to security

Go beyond next-gen with XGen™ security, a new class of security software that addresses the full range of ever-changing threats—now and in the future.

Instead of using separate, siloed security solutions that don’t share information, XGen™ security provides a cross-generational blend of threat defense techniques and a connected threat defence that can protect your organisation from all of the unseen threats.

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Trend Micro MSP Promotions & Rewards

Blue Solutions and Trend Micro are offering selected MSPs the chance to earn up to €1000 in rewards this quarter by selling Worry-Free™ Services

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Trend Micro MSP Promotions & Rewards

Why MSPs should source Trend Micro through Blue Solutions?

A combination of benefits you won’t find elsewhere.

Blue Solutions has been the leading distribution partner for Trend Micro’s SMB-focused Worry-Free xSP (MSP) portfolio for five years running, and has also built a team that understands and supports the full range of Trend Micro’s xSP products.

Blue Solutions understands how to help MSPs achieve predictable and scalable recurring revenues, reduce costs and decrease end-user churn whilst minimising time and effort spent managing technology. 


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Why MSPs should source Trend Micro through Blue Solutions?

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