Worry-Free Business Security Services & Services Advanced
Serverless security for customers with limited IT resources

Worry-Free Business Security Services is one of three Worry-Free variants that enable you to respond to the full spectrum of both SMB and enterprise customers’ managed security service needs, without costly and time-consuming management and administration overheads. 

Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security ServicesBecause it is a SaaS solution, your customers do not need a server on their premises, and all software updates and patches are managed automatically by Trend Micro. This enables you to deliver highly automated, maintenance-free business security services even to SMB customers who have no dedicated IT department or resources.

Using Worry-Free Service's integrated Licensing Management Platform tool (LMP), you can centrally and securely manage all your customers' service plans, licence keys, and reporting, making it easy and profitable for you to:

  • Deliver complete online protection to customers, their desktops and devices, and their employees, defending them against (amongst others) viruses, spyware, and data loss. (ADVANCED EDITION NOW INCLUDES CLOUD APP SECURITY for Office 365, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud applications, too!)
  • Differentiate yourself in the mobile market, thanks to automatic protection for two Android or iOS devices with each licence
  • Continuously update your customers’ email protection (through the Hosted Email Security in Worry-Free Business Services Advanced) to stop spam, phishing, and malware long before it hits their networks (for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps and other hosted and on-premise email)
  • Prevent interruption to customers’ business, by blocking access to inappropriate URLs, and preventing business data from being shared via USB drives
  • Scale profitably with your customers – Managing hundreds of customers is as easy as managing one, meaning that your margins swell as your customers grow
  • Maximise responsiveness, minimise churn - Easily maintain full customer touch and complete configuration control of customer installations, to quickly meet end-users’ changing needs
  • Outperform the competition - Worry-Free Services is connected to the Smart Protection Network, an early warning system that gathers millions of pieces of threat data every day, permanently ensuring “latest and greatest” threat protection for your customers

Easy to deploy, and requiring minimal administration for maximum ROI, Worry-Free Services enables  even customers with no IT staff to stop worrying about whether they are secure, and focus instead on their core business!

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