Why source Trend Micro through Blue Solutions?

A combination of benefits you won’t find elsewhere.

Blue Solutions has been focused on Security Software since 2000 and we has been a Trend Micro distributor for the past 10 years. We've been working with MSPs for over 10 years and we're the leading distribution partner for Trend Micro’s SMB-focused Worry-Free xSP portfolio for five years running.

We understand that no partner can drive business forward without increasing their expertise, growing their market knowledge, and being positively rewarded for their efforts and this is exactly what our partnership with Trend Micro delivers, bringing a unique combination of benefits to your business.

When you choose Blue Solutions as your Trend Micro distribution partner you will access to our in-house Trend Micro certified commercial, technical and support specialists. Our team can kickstart your opportunites by qualifying your prospects and designing best-fit solutions. They will also help your teams gain specialisations and become certified Trend Micro experts resulting in you being able to take advantage of Trend Micro's specialisation bonuses.

One of the industry’s most respected vendors, brought to you by one of the industry’s most experienced and qualified software-only distributors. That’s the way to build a profitable business!