Why source Trend Micro through Blue Solutions?
A combination of benefits you won’t find elsewhere.

No partner can drive business forward without increasing their expertise, growing their market knowledge, and being positively rewarded for their efforts. So this is exactly what our partnership with Trend Micro delivers, bringing a unique combination of benefits to your business, including:

  • Massive deal registration! Up to 10% deal registration when you join the partner program.
  • Bonuses for specialisations – We can help you qualify your teams for specialisms in specific key market sectors and core solutions areas, for both enterprise and SMB customers, (including cloud, data centre, and more). You can turn that expertise into bottom line results!
  • Funded marketing – MDF can be made available to fuel your company’s marketing success, whilst preserving those all-important margins.
  • Training and competencies – Your account teams, your users and your technical teams will have access to resources that enable them to become authoritative Trend Micro partners – and drive customer confidence in your services. Certified Expert, Certified Professional, plus ongoing sales and technical training, are all part of the offering.
  • Expert support and sales enablement – Pick up the phone and you speak to one of our certified engineers, not someone reading from a script. Our engineers give your sales a helping hand by participating in your webinars and training activities, too!
  • Promotions that deliver reach – We reshape our Trend Micro offers to appeal to your customers’ changing needs – and we can support your promotional activity through our own blogging, content marketing, web and social media channels, too.

One of the industry’s most respected vendors, brought to you by one of the industry’s most experienced and qualified software-only distributors. That’s the way to build a profitable business!

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