Trend Micro XGEN™ Endpoint Security

XGen™ is a unique blend of cross-generational threat protection techniques and market-leading global threat intelligence.

Maximum Protection
XGen™ endpoint security infuses high-fidelity machine learning into a blend of threat protection techniques, eliminating security gaps, and providing maximum protection for today's and tomorrow's threats across endpoints and users.

Minimum Impact
Security should not slow you down. XGen™ endpoint security optimizes performance by using the right technique at the right time. Plus, you'll spend less time on administration with centralized visibility and control.

Trend Micro™ XGen™ endpoint security maximizes protection with minimum impact—it is a new class of endpoint protection that will help grow your business—it goes beyond what next-gen players claim to offer. Let's face it—threats change every day, causing your customers more pain and frustration. They need a solution that can evolve and adapt as quickly as today's threat landscape.

Key features:

  • Synthesizes multiple techniques to eliminate security gaps
  • Blocks threats before, during, and after they enter the endpoint using optimized protection technologies
  • Uses high-fidelity machine learning during both pre-execution and runtime

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The One-Dimensional X

Many vendors just associate next-gen with machine learning and act like it's the only technique necessary to solve your customer's endpoint security problems. The reality is there are many different threats out there that can slip past machine learning. Security that is truly effective against threats like ransomware, browser exploits, and zero-day threats requires a blend of multiple techniques—a one-dimensional vendor just won't do the trick.

Trend Micro™ XGen™ endpoint security is a new class of endpoint security that will impress your customers. It uses the right technique at the right time to eliminate security gaps. It's cross-generational, meaning it's always evolving to respond to new threats.

Watch this video to see how XGen endpoint security lets your customers prevent, detect, and respond to the changing threat landscape.


The Ransomware X

When ransomware is stopped at the web or email gateway, endpoint security can focus on even more sophisticated threats. And, when web and email security work together with endpoint protection, they share threat intelligence, providing a holistic view of what is happening across every threat vector.

Trend Micro™ XGen™ endpoint security can stop ransomware from getting to your customer's endpoints. It is infused with high-fidelity machine learning and behavioral analysis, eliminating security gaps.

Read this white paper, Four Countermeasures to Protect Against Ransomware, to get industry expert guidance from ESG analysts on building a ransomware security plan and share the insight with your customers.


The Regrettable X

Security is a big investment for your customers, so don't let them make a decision they'll regret. Your customers can put their trust in a proven endpoint security provider with more than 28 years of continually evolving technology that has adapted to changing, pervasive threats.

Trend Micro protects over 155 million endpoints worldwide, and has achieved Top Overall Average from AV-Test.
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The Damaging X

Sell your customers products from a trusted security provider that is backed by industry experts. Trend Micro™ XGen™ endpoint security features a cross-generational blend of threat protection techniques that intelligently applies the right technique at the right time to eliminate security gaps.

Gartner has positioned Trend Micro as a leader in the Magic Quadrant since 2002.


The Unprotected X

There isn't one technique from a next-gen or traditional vendor that can stop 100% of the threats that are out there, leaving your customers unprotected. That's why they need to protect their endpoints at every stage of the threat life cycle—prevention, detection, and response.

Trend Micro™ XGen™ endpoint security is powered by the XGen blend of cross-generational threat protection techniques that intelligently applies the right technique at the right time, resulting in more effective and efficient protection against the full range of threats.

This Forrester white paper outlines why products that work together and share threat intelligence, like XGen endpoint security, are the best defense against threats on your customer's endpoints.