Case Studies

Why did Jason Gough Computing Services choose Blue Solutions to expand their cloud services?

Client profile

Jason Gough Computer Services ( offer a wide range of I.T. services to both home and Business users alike. With over 20 years of experience in the I.T. industry and backed by qualifications such as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and a registered Microsoft Partner, the company is also affiliated with most computer hardware and software manufacturers.

The challenge

With previous distributors, the process could at times create challenges. Being given multiple contact names and difficulties in accessing key information made it difficult for Jason to run I.T. services for his clients.

Jason commented that he wanted to “focus on implementing solutions and growing his business not chasing distributors for support”.

The solution

Although Jason had previously found the support from other distributors disappointing, he approached Blue Solutions to discuss Office 365 and how it could work. He was still clear that the product could work for future customers.

From the initial conversation through to the implementation, Jason found that working with the Blue Solutions team has meant he “hasn’t spent a lot of time searching for answers to questions.”

With the product’s proven performance and being well-received by customers, Jason knew this product would help him to build his offering to his clients. 

The results

The one-on-one relationships between Jason and Blue Solutions made it possible for him to maintain a quality service. Based on the success of working with Blue Solutions to implement Office 365, Jason is hoping to “increase my client base with Office 365 because of this great service.” 

The key benefits

  • Increased efficiency for managing clients’ networks and resolving issues.
  • Delivered applications optimised for businesses, no matter what size they are.
  • Flexibility to offer customers applications to suit their needs.