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Blue Solutions restores profitability to the IT channel. Our unrivalled range of solutions and services boost partners' recurring revenues, strengthen margins, and help differentiate the offerings in a crowded SME market.

Whether you’re a VAR, MSP, Systems Integrator or IT Consultants we have the software and services to help your business grow. Get in touch to speak to one of our team to see how we can help you.

Blue Solutions - The Perfect Distribution Partner for MSPs!

Today's MSPs face a more difficult market than ever before. Competition is intense, and so revenue per user is falling.

We help MSPs achieve predictable and scalable recurring revenues, reduce costs and decrease end-user churn whilst minimising time and effort spent managing technology.

We employ a team of experienced professionals that are dedicated to and focused on the needs of MSPs. This expertise has won us the highest proportion of MSP partners of any software distributor in the UK

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Perfect Distribution Partner for MSPs

We help you increase revenues whilst decreasing churn

Blue Solutions enables you to pay only for what you use, so you can pass the critical operating savings on to your end-users. This makes you a compelling choice for new customers, too, pushing your turnover northward, whilst keeping your costs lean. Learn how

Providing an ever-richer and more flexible end-user experience will produce loyal customers – and rapid onboarding can dramatically reduce the costs of acquiring new ones.

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Increase revenues whilst decreasing churn

We help decrease your costs

Day-to-day management of vendors’ services can be a massive headache, rapidly burning through expensive technical administration resource.

So if we said you could automate your vendor IT maintenance tasks and processes, mission-critical network component monitoring, ticketing, remediation, and much more, would you be interested?

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Decrease your costs

How can I increase revenues?

Today’s IT channel partners face a more difficult market than ever before. Competition is intense, and so revenue per user is falling.

Blue Solutions enables you to pay only for what you use, so you can pass the critical operating savings on to your end-users. This makes you a compelling choice for new customers, too, pushing your revenues northward, whilst keeping your costs lean.

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Increase revenues

How can I develop and grow my business?

If your business model is “break-fix” you’ll know all about its everyday challenges – unpredictable earnings, slim margins, and roller-coaster reactivity.

But if you can transition your business to services, you can enjoy smoother and more predictable revenues, as well as recruit and onboard customers more rapidly, and with less effort. These profitable, recurring revenue streams start with a savvy choice of vendor – so come and meet one!

Develop business

How can I increase my margins?

High-margin vendors are what your business looks for, and anti-malware supposedly offers plenty of them.

But how many of their solutions are designed to displace other vendors’ solutions that you may already have supplied, spelling upheaval for your customers and the loss of an existing revenue stream for you?

You need anti-malware solutions that can work with what you’ve already supplied, giving you multiple revenues, at little extra effort and expense, and swelling your overall margins. Here, too, Blue Solutions delivers!

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Increase margins

Are you a vendor looking for a distribution partner in the UK?

If your solution is available or focussed on MSP or MSSPs then you need to talk to Blue Solutions.

We have been selling to service providers for 10 years, which is longer than the majority of the competition and we focus on targeting the SMB and mid-market partners, however the solutions we offer are scalable to end-users of all sizes.

We’re actively looking for new vendor relationships to complement our expanding portfolio, we have a proven track record of promoting not only the biggest names in the security industry but also the agile and innovative newer players.

We understand how the sales models differ, and how they impact everything from recruitment to commission plans. We know that offering the right solution to the right partner is imperative to ensure minimal disruption and a smooth road to revenue growth. That’s why we have split our sales teams into two – Reseller and MSP – each with its own Sales Manager. Additionally our technical team is vendor accredited and trained to the highest standards and available to assist in pre- and post-sales.

We believe our USP is that we understand the key differences in selling to MSPs versus Resellers. Talk to us and see if you agree!

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If you are interested in having a discussion then email Mark Charleton at or connect via

Security vendors

Who we are & what we do

Blue Solutions was founded in 2000 with a clear mission: to enable IT channel partners to sell managed services software that would boost recurring revenues, strengthen margins, and clearly differentiate their offerings in a crowded market.

We provide resellers and MSPs with anti-malware, anti-virus, web, email, spam, content filtering, encryption, hybrid cloud and layered solutions protecting servers, end-points, VMs and mobile devices.

Our Solutions

We work with the most agile security vendors: from industry-leaders like Microsoft and Trend Micro, to newer players like Malwarebytes and AppRiver to provide best-in-class for security & disaster recovery software solutions.

Who we are & what we do

Why Blue Solutions

Uniquely, Blue Solutions’ expertise is 100% focused on driving partners’ recurring software services revenues - not low-margin hardware sales – across security, Cloud, disaster recovery, data protection, and more.

Unlike most other distributors, we have in-house vendor-certified technical, support and commercial specialists who don’t leave you hanging. Pick up the phone to us and you speak to an expert, not an extra.

Our Professional Services Division was set-up to help you make money! We provide pre- & post-sales support, installation, training, health checks and so much more.

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Why Blue Solutions

Assembling flexible partner solutions

Too often, partners find their business restricted by limited vendor choice and availability, and the absence of a true “solution sell” that encompasses all the vendor components necessary to fully address end-users’ needs.

Blue Solutions’ accredited vendors include both the biggest names in the industry and some of the most agile and innovative newer players. Combined with extensive in-house technical expertise, this enables us to assemble flexible solutions and services that serve your end-users like no other offering can.

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Assembling flexible partner solutions

Blue Solutions makes profitability simple

Because we deliver many of our solutions through MSP management consoles, with no upfront costs to you, we help move your business away from unpredictable reseller break-fix, to boost your recurring revenues, defeat churn by bringing new solutions and users on board easily, and drastically reduce your operational costs.

All this adds up to rapid profitability that keeps on giving!

Become a Blue Solutions Partner

We will help boost your recurring revenues and strengthen margins. Our partners can take advantage of:

  • Deal Registration, Special Pricing, Demos, Free Trials, NFRS and Special Promotions.
  • Different payment methods.
  • Our expertise and a proven track-record of working with MSPs
  • We provide in-house vendor-certified commercial, technical and support specialists
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