Case Studies

Tranquil IT is based in Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire, with additional offices in London, and is a friendly, reliable IT business providing consultancy, hardware and software to help clients find and use the most efficient IT systems.

Séan Watson founded the business in 2008, and now has five 'computer scientists' to provide clients the best IT solutions without the 'techno babble'. Tranquil IT's customers range from niche retail businesses to small enterprises. Every customer wants a technology solution to suit their budget, and customers trust Tranquil IT to deliver this. Séan Watson explains, "We like to think about all the options, so that clients get the best solution. We use Linux for flexibility, and write most of our own software. That's where LabTech RMM, supplied by Blue Solutions, comes in".

Tranquil IT says "LabTech RMM really works... we can audit their software and hardware continually, making sure their licensing agreements are current and... we can effect repairs, and ensure that problems for the future, such as web threats, are anticipated and blocked before they happen". Séan states that managing a customer's IT to their budget whilst reducing their risk is "particularly important for our retail customers, who could lose not only sales, but also their reputation overnight".

Tranquil IT found the demand from their customer base growing; Séan explains, "we started with a trial license, and it fitted the way we work perfectly. We then went for 250 licenses to allow for growth, but soon it won't be enough, we'll need more!".

Designed for System Engineers and Efficiency

Before switching to LabTech’s RMM, Tranquil IT was using a different system that was slow, difficult to use and not reliable. With LabTech, Tranquil IT found they could “do what we want, from enterprise level to tailored solutions, and it just works!  We can run tests, clone it, and then go for production. Everything is there at our fingertips to suit our timetable”. LabTech RMM is designed by system engineers for system engineers to make it efficient and easy-to-run, Séan states, “it has been designed for system engineers like us, so it fitted our needs perfectly and does what we want, not just now but for the future”.

LabTech RMM comes with a ‘feature request’ function to enable companies like Tranquil IT to provide rapid feedback on something they want to see developed for the solution. Séan says, “if we find something we would like the software to do, we ask and they respond very quickly. It runs on our MYSQL database and it’s just so easy to use”.

One of LabTech RMM’s assets is its powerful remote management capabilities - “we can manage and monitor client data not only from our base, but anywhere in the UK. The remote access function is exceptional”.

Saving Time, Resources and Money

Tranquil IT use LabTech RMM to save both time and money by “proactively support[ing] our customers’ systems by finding,fixing, preventing and monitoring their hardware and software, without having to visit their premises in person”. Tranquil IT’s previous system did not meet their needs as it was too slow and inefficient; Séan says LabTech RMM “saves us a lot of developer time, which can be put to much better use serving valuable customers”. Not only does it help save money, it can help grow your business and profit margin too; Séan states “using LabTech RMM gives us a competitive edge too, which we can reinvest to help us grow our business.”

Trusted Provider Partnerships

“Jonathan at Blue Solutions is our main contact. If you ask for something, he makes sure it always happens. I could not rate him more highly; he thinks about the questions we ask and consistently goes the extra mile to help”.

Blue Solutions helped Tranquil IT understand the LabTech RMM solution and pricing modules, so that they could implement it in a cost-effective way. Séan says, “Blue Solutions have this great depth of knowledge and give honest advice. We took a perpetual licence, and they organised a payment schedule that works well with our cash flow”.

Having a great product is even better when it comes with great service, which is just what Blue Solutions offers. Séan says this about Blue Solutions’ service offering; “customer service is very important in our business, so it’s really good to work with a supplier that is supportive, expert and responsive“.

“Would I recommend Blue Solutions and LabTech to colleagues and friends in the business? Yes to both! In fact, I already have. The product is reliable and the service is  outstanding.” Séan sees Tranquil IT pushing for more; “having experienced the reliability and versatility of LabTech, our plan is to push out a range of support products”. This is great news for Tranquil IT and their customers, as well as LabTech and Blue Solutions!

Key benefits as stated by Tranquil IT:

  • Reliable; our customers depend on us to keep their business systems working smoothly, 24/7
  • Flexible; can be customised to suit diverse applications
  • Easy for our engineers to work with
  • Supports our competitive edge and industry reputation
  • Can-do attitude of Blue Solutions' team
  • Maximises productivity
  • Continuous improvement keeps us ahead of the competition