E-Communications 05/03/15 - Are your confidential emails really private
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Keep confidential emails private and businesses compliant

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Keep confidential emails private and businesses compliant
Legal information, corporate details, health records – just a few examples of the information that should only be seen by the people involved. How can you avoid confidential emails being seen by the wrong people?

CipherPost Pro is genuine end-to-end email encryption from AppRiver, protecting messages from outbox to inbox and all points in between. CipherPost Pro gives you true mailbox-to-mailbox security, no matter where your email goes in between. Some of the features offered are:

Delivery slip and registered mail options.

Centralised management and reporting.

Encryption of any large files attached to emails and delivered.

Email is kept confidential, information is safe and this helps businesses to be compliant.

Want to know more about CipherPost and how it protects messages? Contact our team on 0118 9898 222 for more information.

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