E-Communications 06/05/16 - [BLOG] Break-fix is broken and taking you with it
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According to industry research, insolvencies amongst IT and communications companies rose by 22% at the end of 2014, compared to the previous year.

Against this backdrop, do you really want to carry on doing break-fix business that is unpredictable, expensive to manage, and positions you as useful to the customer only when something goes wrong?

Read our new blog, Moving away from break-fix to managed IT services, to find out why break-fix is a recipe for a busted bottom line – but how switching to the managed services (MSP) model instead can stop your business from tanking!

The world’s moved on. Your customers don’t want you to come and clean up their mess, they want you to monitor and manage their systems to stop the mess from happening in the first place – but you have to make a profit from it.

Read this blog to learn how moving to an MSP model can:

Improve your cost and budget planning, so that your business can focus on growth
Make you a trusted adviser to your customers, rather than merely a repair outfit
Multiply your staff’s productivity, at much lower cost
Nurture ongoing customer reliance on your business, to fuel long-term revenue streams.

It’s time to break out of break-fix and mobilise your managed services. Start here.

Kind regards,

Mark Charleton
CEO, Blue Solutions Ltd.
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