E-Communications 10/09/18 - GDPR: Email Security - Revenue Opportunities
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Over 120 billion business emails will be sent this year. Spam, phishing, and malware are just some of the hazards these emails could carry, and if they result in data being breached, stolen or lost your customers could find themselves with a GDPR claim on their hands too! It is imperative they choose the right email security solutions to keep them protected.

This is where you come in. Once your customers appreciate the necessity for email security they'll come to you for the right solutions - whether cloud, on-prem or hybrid. To help get them to this point, show them our Email Security Knowledge Brief:

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Over the next few weeks, we’ll have given you access to a range of other GDPR Knowledge Briefs, enabling you to have solutions-specific conversations with your customers.
GDPR: Backup and Disaster Recovery - FORTHCOMING
Businesses need to ensure if data is compromised, lost, corrupted or deleted it can be quickly and securely recovered: This Brief discusses the best B&DR solutions to render lost data harmless and notify data breachws within 72 hours – a legal requirement
GDPR: Application Patching - FORTHCOMING
Cyber-criminals know patching can be a headache to manage – unpatched vulnerabilities in software account for 85% of all attack angles! Use this Brief to show your customers how automatic patching can slash their vulnerability from a breach.
GDPR: Data Protection - FORTHCOMING
Data is the lifeblood of your customers’ businesses – and that’s why cyber-criminals attempt, steal it and hold it to ransom. This Brief explains about the types of data governance and data loss prevention solutions that can help you be GDPR compliant.
Unless each layer is secured, it’s a cyber-attack waiting to happen, spelling damage to brand, reputation and revenues, as well as susceptibility to lawsuits! This Brief explains the importance of layered security before even looking at GDPR. Download Now
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