E-Communications 01/12/16 - [BLOG] GDPR: what next for security partners?

It's been calculated that Tesco Bank’s recent breach could have cost them £9 billion in fines had GDPR already been in place – and if major corporations struggle with compliance, what hope is there for SMEs?

Answer: security partners like you are the hope! And our new blog, How channel partners can turn regulation into opportunity, shows you why, giving you a sense of the size of the GDPR market you can address, the security features and benefits customers are looking to you to deliver, and some surprising apparent technical freedoms within the legislation itself!


Like all radical legislation, GDPR is both carrot and stick. Fines can be severe, but companies that are judged to have invested responsibly in security can, under certain conditions, see any fines for non-compliance significantly reduced.

This makes businesses like yours the go-to guys for GDPR-focused solutions advice.

(No pressure...)


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