E-Communications 17/09/18 - Partner Portal: Need a Quote at 4am? No Problem!
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Partner Portal

Need a Quote at 4am?
No Problem!

Blue Solutions New Partner Portal

Our Partner Portal is all about helping you to achieve maximum productivity with minimum overheads, it already gives you access to our extensive range of vendors, solutions and price lists.

NEW: Get a Quote, Buy and Pay in the Portal Instantly

Need to do the deal quickly? Well now you can by not wasting valuable time phoning or emailing us!
(But we’re ALWAYS happy to talk to you too – we just think this might make life easier for you)

Our Partner Portal has been updated so that you can now, with just a few clicks, purchase online – not only saving you time and effort but reducing the margin for error!
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No waiting, no admin, no paperwork – just a quick, convenient online transaction that you can pay for securely with a card, delivering value without delay!

Reasons to use the Partner Portal

Whether you’re at your desk or on your mobile, our portal ticks all the boxes! For every vendor, it effortlessly enables you to:
tick Download pricelists
tick Obtain new quotes, convert and place orders
tick Manage renewals, request and convert quotes
tick Access your order/quote history
tick Download invoices and licence certificates
tick Manage end users and customers
tick Pay online securely by card from any device, in an instant

Respond to your customers’ requirements quicker, easier and with less admin effort, today!
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All Blue Solutions Partners are automatically registered for the Partner Portal. To access it all you need to do is set a password - provided your email address is in our system you will be sent a link to choose a password.
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